Nov 23rd v Roosters

Gents at Redskins Park Aug 2014

2014 Fall Fixtures 2014

Sep 28 - Gents vs Geese at the Poltroons field
Oct 26 - Gents vs Poltroons at the Celtic Festival (RIR)
Nov 9 - Roosters Tournament at the Roosters field
Nov 23 - Gents vs Roosters at Western Suburbs field

Stephen Massey on the run
Welcome to the website for the Virginia Gentlemen Rugby Football Club representing the greater area of Richmond,Virginia. We welcome any rugby player over 35 to join us,play,and support the Club. The Virginia Gents can trace their beginning to the early 70s and were fully established under the leadership of Basil Nesbitt and Scott Coffield by the mid-1980s. The Virginia Gents toured Ireland in the late 80's and continue to enjoy fine vintage rugby in the mid-atlantic area. Browse our ARCHIVE for more Virginia Gents history.

Virginia Gent,Chairman
Charlie Grant

The Virginia Gentlemen,c/o Reyn Kinzey,1610 Pope Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227.

Dues are $50 per calendar year.

Wil Thornton with son

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757 532 1356

ARE YOU READY? You know you are ready to play for the Virginia Gentlemen when:

-The player next to you is young enough to be your son

-Your wife says, "Retiring from rugby again?" and then falls down laughing

-You show up for training and nobody picks you for touch rugby

-The player next to you IS your son

-You have to take pain killers and ice your knees BEFORE the friggin match